Malaysia Embassy in Jakarta

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Malaysia Embassy in Jakarta serves as the diplomatic mission of Malaysia to Indonesia. The embassy is located in Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said, Kuningan, South Jakarta, and it is responsible for maintaining good relations between Malaysia and Indonesia. In this article, we will discuss the history, services, and contact information of the Malaysia Embassy in Jakarta.


The Malaysia Embassy in Jakarta was established in 1957, following the independence of Malaysia from British colonial rule. Since then, the embassy has been working to promote the interests of Malaysia in Indonesia and to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries.

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Over the years, the Malaysia Embassy in Jakarta has played a vital role in promoting cultural, economic, and political ties between Malaysia and Indonesia. It has also been instrumental in resolving disputes and addressing issues of mutual concern between the two countries.


The Malaysia Embassy in Jakarta offers a range of services to Malaysian citizens in Indonesia, as well as to Indonesian citizens who wish to travel to or do business in Malaysia. These services include:

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  • Issuing visas and travel documents
  • Providing consular assistance to Malaysians in distress
  • Facilitating trade and investment between Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Promoting cultural exchanges and people-to-people ties
  • Representing Malaysia in international forums and negotiations
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The embassy also works closely with other Malaysian agencies in Indonesia, such as the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), to promote Malaysia as an attractive destination for investment and trade.

Contact Information

If you need to contact the Malaysia Embassy in Jakarta, you can do so using the following details:

  • Address: Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. X No.6, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12950, Indonesia
  • Telephone: +62 21 522 4947
  • Fax: +62 21 522 4971
  • Email:

You can also visit the embassy’s website for more information on its services and activities.

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The Malaysia Embassy in Jakarta is an essential institution that helps to maintain the strong ties between Malaysia and Indonesia. The embassy provides valuable services to Malaysians and Indonesians alike, and it plays a vital role in promoting cultural, economic, and political exchanges between the two countries. If you need assistance or have any questions about Malaysia-Indonesia relations, don’t hesitate to contact the embassy.

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